12: Small Group Discussion: The Divine Liturgy

We are devoting ourselves to learning about The Divine Liturgy. What is the meaning, the divine phenomenon and mystery of the Divine Liturgy? What happens to us when we are in church for the Divine Liturgy? If you’ve ever wondered about the words of the liturgy, the hidden spiritual reality reflected in the words and actions performed by the people and the priest and the purpose of it all, don’t miss this opportunity to know your faith better and be able to participate in the Divine Liturgy with a fresh and new understanding, deeper prayer and spiritual joy. We meet in Vallejo, Fairfield, Suisiun and Napa. 

In this episode, we cover a few of the petitions at the beginning of the liturgy, during the great litany, such as the meaning of “for this holy house” and the “fear of God” as well as praying for good weather and the connection between sin and environmental calamities. 

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