The Vine

Treasurer’s Report

While we are meeting all our financial obligations including repaying into our Money Market the 2019 Archdiocese early payment, our costs exceed our income during the summer months. In June our expenses exceeded our income by $11, 426.67 and in July by $7, 061.92. What can you do to help? If you haven’t filled out a Stewardship 2019 card, please do so. Marie Kokolios, our Stewardship Chairman, can let you know where you are in your payments. You’ll find her every Sunday sitting in the right hand side of the Church and at Coffee Hour.  You can help us with our major fundraiser, our September Festival by: 1) donating items, 2) donating time & 3) coming to the event and getting the word out to all your friends. Something as simple as phoning a friend and saying “Wait till you taste our Loukomades” and then describe a heavenly honey dessert helps our attendance.  If you are donating items, PLEASE give me the receipt so I can include it in your 2019 accounting.  For food donations, call Magda (425-5165), bar [water, ice], call Mac (425-5165), propane or other items, Deme (208-4605).  Your time is a huge gift to the Church.  If you can do a shift, help set up or clean up, there is a sign up sheet as you enter the Hall.  Or please call Deme or myself (255-7286) and let us know what day(s) and time you prefer.  So let’s make this a triple AAA event – Attend, Advertise, Assist.  See you in September.

Gyro Fest

Many hands helped made this a successful event, along with donations, two young men even visited me in the office on Saturday and were so appreciative that they gave an additional $50 donation.  Thanks to the donations, our costs were for meat and bread only. Thank you to the following people for their help and donations:

Nadia & Ray E., Nick H., Maro K., Magda & Mac McP., Presvytera Tina O., Maria P., Ronnie P., Deme S-N., Phil T. and Tasia & Bob V.

Income: Gyros $2, 069 & Bar $50. Expenses: Meat & Pita bread $428.13for a net profit of $1, 790.87.  Thank you to all of you who advertised this event on Facebook and to all of you who came in and purchased a Gyro.

Respectfully submitted,
Dorothy Glaros