Becoming a Member-Supported Church

Our mission is to transition from being a fundraiser-dependent parish to becoming a member-supported church through Stewardship.

Honoring God’s Commandment

Proverbs 3:9 says, “Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops.” 

To be member-supported is a biblical standard. The act of tithing is a God pleasing goal and commandment which is expressed with hundreds of examples in the scriptures.

The Time is Now

The need for such a goal has never been greater in our parish. The Covid-19 pandemic prevented us from having any fundraisers and placed our finances in an unnecessarily precarious position. When we become a fully member-supported parish through stewardship, then we will no longer be so vulnerable to a crisis. Instead, being strong and healthy financially, we would be in a position to actually help others who are in greater need and thereby truly fulfill our purpose as the Church.

Change your thinking. Open your heart. Open your hand.

Achieving this goal requires us to change our way of thinking. It requires each of us to open our heart, be less selfish and love God’s Church more. It requires us to open our closed hand just a little bit and share the wealth God has blessed us with.

Stewardship not Ownership

We are not to see ourselves as owners of the church but as caretakers. That is the meaning of stewardship. Our heritage is not a building. Our heritage is our Orthodox faith. If that is not passed on then we will have failed our mission as a parish. Let us not see our parish as a museum of the past but what it has already become today: a thriving and growing community that is bringing the Holy Orthodox Faith to all people in Vallejo and Solano County.

An attitude of gratitude

Our parish is blessed by not having any mortgage or debt. We have a beautiful church and a spacious hall for all to enjoy. Many parishes are not this fortunate. Let us show our gratitude for our blessings and what we received from our founders. No matter how little or how much you can give, everyone should become a steward and help us make our church truly member-supported.

In 2020, our average monthly stewardship income was $7000/month. For 2021, our goal is to increase our stewardship income to $12,500/month. As you can see, this goal is very attainable! If everyone participates in stewardship and increases the amount they gave last year, we can indeed achieve our goal and become a fully member-supported church. Any monies earned from fundraisers can then support our parish ministries, fund the maintenance of our aging facilities, and also be shared with those in need in the greater Vallejo community.

Goal Progress as of [current_date]

Monthly Stewardship Goal$7000$12500

If you haven’t yet made your pledge for 2021, please do so today. We’re making January 31st the deadline to reach our goal of having $12,500/month in stewardship pledged for 2021.

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