The worship of the Holy Trinity for the healing and sanctification of our souls and bodies is the central purpose of our community of believers. Below are ministries that all contribute to the worship life at our parish in unique and beautiful ways.

Chanting and Congregational Singing
A unique feature of our parish is our congregational singing. We always welcome new voices to help lead and enhance our singing during the divine services and also as chanters during other services and weekday liturgies.

Altar Servers
We welcome boys ages 8 and over to assist the priest in the Divine Services on Sundays and feast days. Serving in the altar is a great honor and privilege which helps to cultivate a child’s spiritual life, commitment and discipline in service to Christ and His Church.

Myrrh bearers
We welcome girls ages 7 and older to assist during the divine services of Holy Week, especially during the Friday Lamentations.

Church Beautification Ministry
Our church was built in 1948 and we have recently embarked on restoring and beautifying it with the help of volunteers and donors. In June of 2020, we began the restoration project of the original hardwood floors. Other future projects include new iconography and a new baptismal font. The ladies of our parish also work together to beautify the church with flowers for various feast days and during Holy Week.