Journeys to Orthodoxy

People from all walks of life and backgrounds are embracing the Orthodox Faith. Below are stories from members of our parish sharing their journey to Orthodoxy.

  • Fevronia’s Journey
    I’ve searched for true love both within Christianity and through other forms of spiritualism and was consistently left with an unsatisfying hunger. In my exploration of other churches, I had many questions that went untouched or conversely were answered with more certainty than I could discern as trustworthy. Additionally, I could not bring myself to trust their church history either. In my exploration of spirituality, I found myself exposed to questionable practices that […]
  • Eduardo’s Journey to Orthodoxy
    My name is Eduardo and I have been Orthodox for a little over two months now. My Journey into Orthodoxy began a few years ago when I met my wife. I was raised in a very traditional Mexican family and practiced Catholicism most of my life. I’d like to think I was fairly involved: I went to church on Sundays, took communion, and attended after-church events. I also took catechism […]
  • Tom’s Journey to Orthodoxy
    As a convert to the Orthodox Church, I can say my spiritual journey has been what it needed to be.  There is a big difference between my friends who are born into Orthodox families and those who convert to the Orthodox faith. Someone once said that there is a “God shaped vacuum within each of us, and if we do not fill it with the  love of God, then we […]
  • Mary’s Journey to Orthodoxy
    When I would go and sit in the back of the very large Greek Orthodox Cathedral, I would get such a deep sense of peace from the service whether it was a full-blown Sunday service with the choir and lots of people or a quieter midweek service. I always felt like time there in the Divine Liturgy or Orthros or Paraklesis put me back in my right mind. Hopefully, I […]
  • Melissa’s Journey to Orthodoxy
    I come from a broken family. I was emotionally neglected through my formative years. There was a short time when I knew God in my childhood, one sad Christmas spent alone playing Christmas songs on piano while everyone else in my family was absorbed in their problems, but I lost Him through my teenage years. I wasted a lot of time with no purpose in my life and not really knowing who […]
  • Justin’s Journey to Orthodoxy
    I was born in Chico, California and was baptized as a baby into the Lutheran church. My father was originally from Wisconsin where the Lutheran church is only rivaled in size by the Roman Catholic church. As the first Protestants, the Lutherans have much in common with the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church such as Liturgical worship, the Eucharist, and the recognition of many of the same Saints. From […]
  • Mariah’s Journey to Orthodoxy
    I was baptized into the Orthodox Church when I was 4 years old. My parents were divorced and my brother and I spent most of the time with our mother. In the summers we were with our father, summer days filled with younger siblings and Church outings. By the Grace of God, Orthodoxy was a part of my youth waiting to catch me many years later. I remember the images […]