There are many opportunities to deepen your knowledge about the Orthodox Christian faith and spiritual life every week for all ages.

Youth Spiritual Formation
Beginning in the Fall of 2022, we will offer a youth spiritual formation program on the last Sunday of every month after Divine Liturgy.

The Teachings of the Church
A small group for learning and discussing the teachings of the Orthodox Church. We meet at 5pm for prayer followed by a fasting potluck meal and our discussion group at 6pm.

A weekly, self-paced, at-home catechism program prepared by Fr. Ninos Oshaana and designed for our parishioners, both individuals and families with children. It’s free and conveniently accessed on our website. A dedicated page every week will focus on the forthcoming Sunday’s epistle and gospel reading, the saints or feasts of the season, as well as practical and inspiring guidance on a variety of spiritual topics that can aid your understanding and practice of the Orthodox Faith and enrich your Sunday worship experience through better preparation and participation in the Divine Liturgy.  Go to SOFIA Lessons page

Know Your Faith
On the first Sunday of every month, Fr. Ninos offers a teaching on a spiritual or practical matter of our Orthodox Faith during the coffee hour. It’s a way for everyone in attendance to learn more about the Orthodox faith and hear answers on common questions. There is also an opportunity to ask Fr. Ninos any questions on spiritual, theological or practical faith matters.

Orthodox Homeschool Co-op
The mission of our Orthodox Homeschool Co-Op is to be a supportive community for Orthodox homeschooling families in our parish and in the Bay Area who meet regularly to work together toward the shared goal of providing our children with enriching experiences in education, Orthodox catechism, spirituality and liturgical arts, fellowship and recreational activities. Learn more.

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