There are many opportunities to deepen your knowledge about the Orthodox Christian faith and spiritual life every week for all ages.

Sunday Religious Education
Our spiritual life program for children is called SOFIA (Seeing Our Father In All). The meetings begin at 9:30 am sharp and conclude at 9:55am in the upper loft of our church during the Matins service. allowing the children and parents to attend the Divine Liturgy together in its entirety beginning at 10:00am. We welcome parents and other volunteers who are interested in joining our teaching team. Please contact Fr. Ninos for more information and to get involved.

Faith & Bible Study
Every Thursday morning at 10:00am we gather for our Faith and Bible Study via Zoom. It’s an opportunity to learn the meaning of the scriptures from the Orthodox and patristic understanding while discussing other practical matters of our faith.

Know Your Faith
On the first Sunday of every month, Fr. Ninos offers a teaching sermon on a spiritual or practical matter of our Orthodox Faith. It’s a way for everyone in attendance to learn more about the Orthodox faith and hear answers on common questions. There is also an opportunity to ask Fr. Ninos any questions on spiritual, theological or practical faith matters. Please contact Fr. Ninos if you have a specific question or topic you’d like him to answer.