Learn about the Orthodox Christian Church and Faith through these videos by prominent Bible scholars, church historians, priests, theologians and converts.

The Earliest ChristiansThe Apostolic Fathers
Ryan M. Reeves (PhD Cambridge), Assistant Professor of Historical Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, presents an informative explanation of the worship, writings and beliefs of the early Christians and the authority held by the Apostolic Fathers.

Orthodox Christianity 101
A wonderful series of seminars by Fr. Deacon Ezra covering early Church history, faith and spirituality.

The Bible Answer Man – Hank Hanegraaff
“The problem in the Christian faith is that people are not only biblically illiterate but historically illiterate.”


Rock and Sand
A two part interview with Fr. Josiah Trenham, an ex-Protestant scholar, with reflections from his book Rock and Sand which is an overview of the history of Protestantism and its major traditions, from its beginnings in the 16th century to the present day. It relies upon the Reformer’s own words as well as the creeds of various Protestant faiths, in order to avoid misrepresentation and caricature and to provide a summary of Orthodox theological opinion on the tenets of Protestantism.

An African-American finds the Orthodox Church
Today a priest of the Orthodox Church in America, Father Moses Berry tells his story how God invited him to join and serve the Orthodox Church, the Garden of Saints.

How I became Orthodox
American actor and musician Jonathan Jackson talks about his journey to the Orthodox Church

Reformation 500
Orthodox Christians Converting To Protestantism and Returning Back.


Fr. Stephen Freeman: Orthodoxy 101 for Enquirers

Dave Bartosiewicz is an ex-Mormon who found the Orthodox Faith and offers a series of great videos on his spiritual journey along with interview about the Orthodox faith.

Born Protestant, Became Orthodox
As a convert to Orthodoxy from Evangelical Protestantism, Father Peter Farrington shares the story of his conversion to Orthodox Christianity.

The Origins of the Church and Why America is in Spiritual Decline
Two interviews with Fr. Seraphim Cardoza on theDove.us


On Being Orthodox
Bruxy Cavey and Brad Jersak discuss Orthodoxy, Hell, Eternity, Atonement, Religion, and Jesus on The Meeting House Roundtable!

Why did you become Orthodox – Interview with Rod Dreher

How Does the Orthodox Approach to Scripture Differ From That of the West? An interview with Fr. Lawrence Farley

Why did you become Orthodox? Fr. Stephen Freeman

Paisios Jones, a former Protestant pastor who converted to Eastern Orthodoxy in 2017 discuss their journey to the Orthodox Church.

Salvation in Orthodoxy is the healing of body and soul on earth and heaven.

The Road Facing East – Why I Became An Orthodox Christian

Why I Became an Orthodox Christian

What’s in your Bible? The Orthodox Bible is authoritative and complete.