The Teachings of the Church

What does our Holy Orthodox Church teach about the purpose of life? What does she teach about the soul and what happens when we die? What about things like anger, depression, anxiety and fear?  What does the Church teach about money, technology, art and entertainment; or about sexuality, gender, love and marriage? What does the Church teach about being a man, or being a woman or raising children? 

I invite you to join me for a weekly, in-person discussion group on Wednesday evenings to learn the Church’s profound and life-changing answers to these questions and many others. We will dedicate an entire month on a specific topic, by exploring the teachings of the Church, through her divine and Spirit-filled voice as heard in the Holy Scriptures, in the writings of the Holy Fathers, and in the wisdom of contemporary saints that lived in our modern day world and understood our struggles. As every month’s topic will vary, you’re welcome to join us for any meetings that interest you the most. 


5:00pm – Paraklesis to the Theotokos (in the church)
6:00pm – Teachings of the Church discussion group (in the hall)

I hope you can join us as we learn, discuss and work to apply the wisdom of the Church to our daily lives. 

With love in Christ,
Fr. Ninos

Holy Cross Orthodox Bookstore

Are you curious about Orthodoxy? Are you seeking to deepen your knowledge of the Orthodox Faith and enrich your spiritual growth? Are you looking for an Orthodox gift for a birthday, baptism or wedding? Holy Cross Orthodox Bookstore carries a large selection of Orthodox books for every age and interest as well as Orthodox Bibles, Orthodox icons, prayer ropes, incense, greeting cards, organic hand-made soaps, olive oil, vinegar, granola and much more.

The bookstore hours are:

Sundays – 11:30 – 2:00pm
Tuesdays – 9:00 – 3:00pm
Wednesdays – 9:00 – 3:00pm
Thursdays – 9:00-3:00pm
And by appointment.

For questions or to inquire about a special item, please call Joshua at 707-642-6916 or email


Parish Council
Serving on the Parish Council is a wonderful way to offer your time and talents to the Church and is a most sacred duty that directly impacts the operations, growth and future of our parish. Please contact Fr. Ninos if you’d like to join this important leadership ministry.


Our parish is a spiritual home for people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. We strive to be a place of true Christian community where everyone is made to feel welcome and loved, emulating our Lord Jesus Christ who welcomes us and loves us. We are a growing parish! Come visit us and you will meet sincere people who are striving together to lead an Orthodox way of life and are eager to welcome you into our midst as Christ is in our midst.


There are many opportunities to deepen your knowledge about the Orthodox Christian faith and spiritual life every week for all ages.

Youth Spiritual Formation
Beginning in the Fall of 2022, we will offer a youth spiritual formation program on the last Sunday of every month after Divine Liturgy.

The Teachings of the Church
A small group for learning and discussing the teachings of the Orthodox Church. We meet at 5pm for prayer followed by a fasting potluck meal and our discussion group at 6pm.

A weekly, self-paced, at-home catechism program prepared by Fr. Ninos Oshaana and designed for our parishioners, both individuals and families with children. It’s free and conveniently accessed on our website. A dedicated page every week will focus on the forthcoming Sunday’s epistle and gospel reading, the saints or feasts of the season, as well as practical and inspiring guidance on a variety of spiritual topics that can aid your understanding and practice of the Orthodox Faith and enrich your Sunday worship experience through better preparation and participation in the Divine Liturgy.  Go to SOFIA Lessons page

Know Your Faith
On the first Sunday of every month, Fr. Ninos offers a teaching on a spiritual or practical matter of our Orthodox Faith during the coffee hour. It’s a way for everyone in attendance to learn more about the Orthodox faith and hear answers on common questions. There is also an opportunity to ask Fr. Ninos any questions on spiritual, theological or practical faith matters.

Orthodox Homeschool Co-op
The mission of our Orthodox Homeschool Co-Op is to be a supportive community for Orthodox homeschooling families in our parish and in the Bay Area who meet regularly to work together toward the shared goal of providing our children with enriching experiences in education, Orthodox catechism, spirituality and liturgical arts, fellowship and recreational activities. Learn more.


To serve others is a blessing and privilege. Here at Sts. Constantine and Helen, there are plenty of opportunities to do so.

Ladies Philoptochos
Our Ladies Philoptochos is dedicated to serving the poor in our local community and around the world. Through various fundraisers, we are able to fund high-impact programs and efforts such as the Kids ‘n’ Cancer ministry as well as supporting the work of other humanitarian organizations such as the IOCC. Contact Pamela Contos to get involved.

Community Outreach
We offer a monthly meal to the homeless of Vallejo on the second Saturday of every month. In addition, we host a round table meetings for the homeless advocacy groups on the second Wednesday of the month from 10am to 12pm and donate $50 a month to the homeless Resource Center for supplies. If you’d like to volunteer or get involved, please email Deme for more information.

Parish Council
Serving on the Parish Council is a wonderful way to offer your time and talents to the Church and is a most sacred duty that directly impacts the operations, growth and future of our parish. Please contact Fr. Ninos if you’d like to join this important leadership ministry.

Prosphora Bakers
A ministry for individuals and families to bake the special offering bread that will be used in the Divine Liturgy, with the guidance and blessing of our priest. Please contact Fr. Ninos for more info.

Church Care Crew
Serve to honor God’s Holy Temple through weekly tasks of cleaning and organizing to keep the narthex and nave of the church beautiful.

Hall Helpers
Our parishioners enjoy fellowship with one another after the divine services in our hall on Sundays and at other events. Answer St. Paul’s call to “serve one another” by helping to clean up after the gatherings and keeping our hall and kitchen looking beautiful.

Landscape Leaders
From watering the flowers and trees to blowing the leaves and picking up garbage, this is a great way to keep our outdoor grounds clean and beautiful for all of us to enjoy.